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Flag analytics

Flag counter showing visitor's country flag.

The legacy hit counters are just that, it only shows number of hits to your website. It does not give any clue about country. How about a counter that gives you both. Here is an exciting flag-counter. This is a free html code that you can embed on your website or blog, for example WordPress, in few minutes. This innovative counter will also show nationality of the visitor automatically. Every time someone from a new country visits you, a tiny flag will be added to your counter. This is useful information for international business. For instance, state wise analytics of USA will be useful for target marketing outcome.

World map showing visitors nationality.

World map showing visitors nationality.

Flag counter

43 countries flag

Automatic report of country wise interesting statistics of unique visitors and date on which the last new visitor came to your website is prepared free.  43 different countries have visited this site.  Total unique visitors: 354; in one week.

A unique visitor is a statistic describing a unit of traffic to a website, counting each visitor only once in the time frame of the report. This statistic is relevant to site publishers and advertisers as a measure of a site’s true audience size, equivalent to the term “Reach” used in other media.

A target market is a group of customers that the business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise.  A well-defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy. The target market and the marketing mix variables of product, place(distribution), promotion and price are the two elements of a marketing mix strategy that determine the success of a product in the marketplace.Once these distinct customers have been defined, a marketing mix strategy of product, distribution, promotion and price can be built by the business to satisfy the target market.

You can also learn detailed information, such as economy, transportation, military, communication, etc., about these nations, just by clicking on the flag; data is based on the world fact book. It uses an advanced geolocation technology with a regularly updated database. It is offering over 99% accuracy for the country version, and over 90% for our U.S. state version.

Over 200 countries flags are available. Another innovative option is to show flags on the world map.  Implement your own website hit counter with a flag.  This will help the webmaster to monitor the performance of your website and aligned the same with your marketing strategies.

For improving your web presence you need to first start measuring.  What do you say?

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One Response to Hit counter with a flag

  1. Zaveri says:

    Analytics also gives state wise breakup of US visitors of this blog.
    (as on February 04, 2011)

    California 18
    Connecticut 6
    Texas 6
    Illinois 5
    New York 4
    Florida 3
    Tennessee 2
    Colorado 1
    Georgia 1
    Washington 1
    New Jersey 1
    Pennsylvania 1
    Louisiana 1
    Wisconsin 1
    Alabama 1
    North Carolina 1
    Massachusetts 1
    Unknown 10

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