ERP software for hospital – Fortis

Q&A: Shivinder M Singh, MD, Fortis Healthcare (India).

Q&A: Shivinder M Singh, MD, 

Standardisation affects the cost by virtue of the fact that you don’t have to replicate the same process in a number of places. You can reduce the number of jobs at the front end. You can standardise them, it gets easier as you go along. The quality improves and errors, a major cost in healthcare, reduce. The idea is that if I have a hospital in a tier-3 or a tier-4 market, and it runs on the same system, it’s cheaper for me to run it.

We are doing this project, called Project Next, which, in a nutshell, is hospital-wide ERP. It’s costing us a bomb, roughly $5 million. But that’s across the entire network and it’ll put everything on the same platform, front and the back-end. By virtue of having scale, you can actually do more and you can do it cheaper.

” I take the 600,000 villages in the country and link each to a network which has got an emergency response. The villager has the basic diagnostic facility to figure if he has a problem early enough. And there is a preventive structure in place where there are annual health-checks and other such mechanisms”.

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