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How to become #One without increasing number of stores?

mCommerce:   Mobile commerce – or M-commerce – is the fastest growing area of retail.  Retailers are scrambling to catch up with the rapid growth of smartphones and how they’re changing the way we shop.   About quarter of consumers have used their smartphone to access websites while out shopping.   Tesco (Home Plus) reckon they’ve got a captive audience to try out their latest technology at Gatwick’s North Terminal.  It’s also one of the busiest times of the year with tens of thousands of passengers with a lot of time to kill between flights.

“We don’t think it’s a gimmick – it’s a taste of the future,” says Mandy Minichiello, marketing manager for   “In 2016, about 90% of all mobiles will be smartphones.  Tesco virtual shopping mobile app.   A mobile app scans the QR CODE and orders the selected items.  “We’re doing this as a trial to try to get some customer feedback. We’re keen to make customers lives as easy as possible.   “Increasingly, they want to shop on the go.”

Tesco was a pioneer of internet retailing and has more than a million online customers.   They’ve also done a similar experiment in South Korea, where commuters pointed their mobile phones at billboards in subways and bus stops. These have become a permanent fixture.

The UK trial goes further with an interactive feature.  “It’s significant they’re doing this before other mainstream retailers have got in on the act,” says Neil Saunders, managing director with retail consultancy Conlumino.  “It shows that Tesco are determined to make a success in the mobile retail environment and the potential for growth.”

Changing fast – Other retailers will be watching closely.  According to mobile retail strategy consultancy Velti, the industry is changing fast.  Tesco virtual shopping:  Tesco insist the idea is not just a gimmick.  “Retailers are struggling to keep up,” says Matt Cockett, vice president of sales at the company.   “A mobile strategy is key for any retailer because the revenue has more than doubled in the past 12 months.

“Mobile investment is about how you develop a strategy and manage to take advantage of the oncoming rapid changes in technology.  He added: “The Holy Grail is to connect the data touch points and to get a comprehensive view of each individual customer.  “Retailers need to consider all touch points that drive mobile traffic to support online, mobile and in-store, and ultimately increase conversion rate.”  Retail is increasingly all about making it as easy and convenient as possible for consumers to part with their cash.

Perhaps it won’t be too long before the Tesco experiment will come to a bus stop or train station near you.


ERP Cycle for Cycle Business on the web

Cycle business on the web

Cycle business on the web

Presenting real case study of Germany Deutsche Bahn organization.  You will appreciate perfection!

Call a Bike is a bike hire system run by Deutsche Bahn in several German cities, which uses a system of authentication codes to automatically lock and unlock bikes.  Here is the WEBSITE BUSINESS LOGIC:

Cycle ERP business logic

Cycle ERP business logic

Cycle friendly city

Cycle friendly city

To find the bikes one has to search at the cross roads in the central areas of the towns or use location-based services on SmartPhones to find them.

  1. To hire Customer calls the telephone number given on the bike which includes the BIKE’S ID and gets by voice the 4 digit opening code, which he then types onto the bike’s touch screen to unlock it.
  2. To return: Lock the bike to a fixed object, and select “return bike” from the bike’s touch-screen. A code will be generated which then has to be telephoned to the control centre, as proof that the bike was locked. As well one has to give the exact street names of the cross roads, which has to be within the permitted town area.
  3. From 2013, in some cities, e.g. Cologne and Munich, this phone call to return a bike is no longer necessary, as the return location is now being transmitted to the control centre by GPS.
  4. Lock temporarily. Similar to returning the bike, except that it doesn’t generate a “return code”.

DB provides local numbers for the phone calls from a cell phone which are required to both hire – rent – and return the bikes. Depending on your phone contract, the cost of your phone calls may exceed the price of the bike hire. However, if you are using a German SIM card which often has a flat rate for calling fixed line numbers, phone calls will be FREE of charge.

The system uses an electronic wheel lock and a cable lock, all controlled by embedded microcontroller with touchscreen LCD display. A set of 1024 pre-generated lock/unlock codes are unique to each bike and stored in memory.

To borrow from CallBike

  • Call a Bike – without stress and without traffic jam. Simply smart!
  • Call a bike you can amongst others in Berlin, Frankfurt / Main, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe mobile on the go. Regardless of schedules, good for your figure and friendly to the environment.

DB Rent GmbH belongs together with the DB Fleet Service GmbH to the mobility service of Deutsche Bahn.

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In SAP ERP conference, Dabbawala explained supply chain management

Supply chain management without software ?
Supply chain management by Dabbawala

Mumbai Dabbalwala has six sigma

Learn about this amazing organization
 which got six sigma.
They deliver even in rainy season in Mumbai, India,
 without any excuse.

Here is a short presentation of 15 slides.
Let us know if any of you have actually
 experienced this 'lunch box' service.

ERP software for hospital – Fortis

Q&A: Shivinder M Singh, MD, Fortis Healthcare (India).

Q&A: Shivinder M Singh, MD, 

Standardisation affects the cost by virtue of the fact that you don’t have to replicate the same process in a number of places. You can reduce the number of jobs at the front end. You can standardise them, it gets easier as you go along. The quality improves and errors, a major cost in healthcare, reduce. The idea is that if I have a hospital in a tier-3 or a tier-4 market, and it runs on the same system, it’s cheaper for me to run it.

We are doing this project, called Project Next, which, in a nutshell, is hospital-wide ERP. It’s costing us a bomb, roughly $5 million. But that’s across the entire network and it’ll put everything on the same platform, front and the back-end. By virtue of having scale, you can actually do more and you can do it cheaper.

” I take the 600,000 villages in the country and link each to a network which has got an emergency response. The villager has the basic diagnostic facility to figure if he has a problem early enough. And there is a preventive structure in place where there are annual health-checks and other such mechanisms”.

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