CRM using Social Media – Weekend Training Class

Do CRM using Social Media - 18 and 26 May 2013

Do CRM using Social Media – 18 and 26 May 2013

Learn Digital Marketing

This special two days comprehensive course is all about tapping social media sites potential for branding, sales, public relations, and much more.

For whom? This course is for anyone interested in advertising and marketing, corporate types, small businesses, educators, and everyone in between.

  • Marketers who already use Facebook, etc., but wants greater success.
  • New marketers and IT professionals who wants a kick-start.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to promote their products and / or services in social media space.
  • Teaching professionals who would like to first learn and then teach the subject: Digital Marketing.
  • Advertising agency and public relations officers seeking an edge in social media marketing.
  • SME who wants more friends, business, and prominence for their brand.
  • Students to learn cutting-edge technology ahead of others and for better placement.

How many days? Day one is introduction, discussion, case studies, question / answer and actual demo of TWENTY digital platforms. Day two is hands-on with advance techniques, where you can actual get started with social media websites. On both days, you may bring your laptop to experience the thrill of social media.

When? DAY 1 – Saturday, 18 May, 2013. DAY 2 – Sunday, 26 May 2013.
Time? Both days 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. [8:30 to 9:00 Breakfast and intro]
Program outline: Day one is for beginners – twenty digital platforms will be introduced, and day two is advance topics. If you already know little bit about social media you may come directly for the Day 2.  Authentic training material from Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn will be used for training besides lots of CASE STUDY and examples.

For more info do not hesitate to contact Jyotindra Zaveri (aka Jyoti).
Benefit: This Social Media Marketing training will give you insights about – how to leverage tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, LinkedIn, online videos to increase your online visibility, reach new customers & build brand loyalty, viral marketing.
Some of the topics that will be covered in the practical training.

  • How to make your own unique newspaper. Click here to see example.
  • How NOT to use Facebook. Security guidelines.
  • Pinterest Boards for Branding and CRM.
  • Steps to create a successful viral campaign.
  • Leveraging festivals and bank holidays (there are numerous, you know).
  • Evaluating the risks and opportunities of your business on social media sites.
  • Building customer relationships online and interactive marketing.
  • A guide to blog rules and social media marketing guidelines document.
  • Facebook / LinkedIn paid marketing campaigns.

Questions about ‘Social Media Marketing’? But you do not know whom to ask? Here is a chance to stay ahead of competition. No previous experience or knowledge about internet technologies required, for first session.

You are welcome if you are net savvy, but don’t’ worry we will not be discussing bits & bytes to understand and operate networking sites. Do not worry this is not computer program course.
Accelerate your career. By the way, MBA in marketing or IT is not enough; learn new trends by attending this unique training program.
Faculty:  Mr. Zaveri is specializing in Internet marketing using various digital platforms. He has mastered twenty digital platforms. Thousands of training programs conducted successfully by Prof. Zaveri. He is IT professional since …1975. Formerly with IBM, specially trained in Germany. He will personally take both days classes. Author of eight books including a book on ERP.

Click here to view complete profile of faculty Jyoti sir.
Important: Jyoti can set up and manage your digital platforms. I also undertake in-house training assignment.
Value proposition: One week FREE email support by Jyoti. Post training email discussions makes the time and money spent in your training more valuable.
Course fees: Please email  Note: Second session is for advance social media optimization techniques. Optional: You may bring your laptop for both sessions with your own USB modem.

Early bird discount: 10% discount if registered one week before the session date, if enrolled before 11th May 2013.
Additional group discount: 10% for two or more from same organization.

How to register?  Send email giving your name, designation, organization, website and mobile number to WITH cheque details.

Click here to view list of twenty Digital Platforms.
Request: Please share this information with others, thanks.

How to make an animation movie

You can make an animation movie easily with no previous experience as such.

A digital platform is available for making an animation movie. You type something; they turn it into a movie.  This revolutionary approach to movie-making is based on an almost universally held skill — typing.

Steps: You need a script.  Decide one character or two.  Type in the dialogs.  You may select some options like background music, action, etc. The sound   Preview and edit if necessary.   Finally upload to YouTube.

Sounds simple?  Because it is simple.  This digital platform is called “xtranomal”

Let me quote based on the site:  “Xtranormal’s mission is to bring movie-making to the people.  Everyone watches movies and they believe everyone can make movies.  Movie-making, short and long, online and on-screen, private and public, will be the most important communications process of the 21st century.

Design your own scene.   The site offers a variety of artistic sets and actors to fill your stage, camera angles.  Unleash your inner “Producer & Director”.  You can frame your action by selecting a pre-defined camera shot, making and saving your own setup.

That is the power of the digital platform.  Techies would like to call Web two point zero.  You can make your own content, edit and distribute all over the world.  Everything is in the cloud.    For instance, I have a subtle message in this short ( ~ 4  min.) clip about corruption.

You can use this idea for training, education or marketing purpose on the net.  .

I am sharing this digital platform with you because I think you can convey your message using cartoon character more effectively. Do not hesitate to contact me for any support. What do you say?   Please leave your comment.


Web Analytics actual demo- WordPress, Scribd and YouTube insight

Demo of reports giving information on – how many people are visiting your blog or reading your ppt, where they’re coming from, which posts are most popular, and which search engine terms are sending people to your blog.

I am demonstrating web analytics of the digital platforms. Blog e.g. WordPress analytic reports. Document publishing in HTML5 and web analytics.

YouTube analytic reports called ‘Insight’.  Above video clip demonstrates the YouTube reports giving information on video such as how many views, from where viewers are coming, which videos are most popular.

The point is, unless you measure how can you improve?  Start making your matrix by measuring.  You can fine tune your social media marketing strategies based on these analytics to get the maximum out of your social media marketing plans.

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