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  • Prof. Zaveri is a motivational and professional keynote speaker or panelist.  He is an expert at helping you reach your business goals.  He uses audience interaction, humor and advanced learning techniques in all his business training sessions.  He is a motivational speaker who increases productivity and raises profits through high-impact, user-friendly keynotes speeches and business seminars.  As an innovative I. T. consultant  and author and computer trainer has been on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity for maximizing human potential for the last three decades.  In every keynote speech and business seminar you will find practical ideas that work, action steps, case studies, suggestions and tips, that help your enterprise be more successful, by maximizing everything you do, motivational strategies for your people and strategic plans to dominate your market.

  • If you have an idea for how you or your organization can help make this dnserp blog a better learning resource, please let me know by email.  I strongly believe in sharing.  Let us unlock the I. T. knowledge and empower the users & I. T. consultants.

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