ERP Presentation – 32 ERP Modules

This Enterprise Resource Planning presentation is a good reference for various key functions managers, such as finance, purchase, sales, production, etc.  This is not just a presentation but also a companion for corporate commandos.

Who should use this ERP Presentation? 
This Presentation is useful for existing ERP users and ERP power-users as well.  Senior managers and directors, CEO, CFO, COO, seeking to deploy ERP to benefit their organization. For companies who have deployed ERP but not able to understand why real benefit is not seen.

Study of this presentation will reveal common misunderstandings made by management, ERP coordinators, ERP task force, or ERP steering committee.  Use this presentation before, during and after ERP is deployed, as a reference material.

Part 2 of 2

The knack to making informed decisions is necessary for success. Yet many times, managers make vital decisions without real information. Use this Presentation to understand how you can use ERP to enhance your decision-making aptitude. This ERP Presentation will be of immense value to professionals dealing with ERP implementation, I. T. professionals, mangers handling sales and distribution, logistic, supply chain and finance.

This is a generic ERP side-show, NOT specific to any ERP such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.   However basic concepts are similar in all ERP software packages.  Hope you will Like it and share it.

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